Motivation, Poetry

Perfectly Imperfect Mess

Do you see her?

The girl with no make up.

Who always wears her hair up.

Lookin’ like she just “showed up”.

Do you see her?

Hiding in her comfort zone.

Her own world,

But ironically doesn’t want to be alone.

Do you see her?

Tumbling through life.

Left or right?

You know she can’t decide!

Do you see her?

She’s a mess.

Constantly bested by stress.

Misses how much shes truly blessed.

Do you know her?

The single mom.

Always has a lot goin’ on.

Has overflowing love for her son.

Do you know her?

She’s come so far.

Reaching for the moon,

Yet landing on a star!

Do you know her?

Strength like Ali.

Promotes peace like Gandhi.

Despite depression and anxiety.

Do you know her?

A beautiful black queen.

Experienced almost every extreme..

That perfectly imperfect mess is me.

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