May You Be Inspired

To be totally honest, I had no former plans to write this post.. at least not at this time in my life.

Fear is something that used to grip me, squeezing the life right out of me.. or lack there of.

I still struggle with it, but my faith grows stronger everyday due to my actions and mindset.

So I’m sitting here at my desk, on the headset making calls. There’s a gnawing sensation to stop. To write.

See I have always loved writing; articles, stories, poetry, even research papers.

I tried quieting the voice. “Not right now, you need to work”. “You just uploaded a blog post this morning”. But the voice kept on, louder and louder it bellowed.

Until I started to feel a sensation in my veins, a pounding of my chest, a new faith that I haven’t experienced before.

The feeling was so overwhelming that after 10 minuets, I logged out of the software and jumped on here.

In writing this post I feel an over flow of both excitement and nervousness. You see, I do make money writing. But I’ve never taken the leap of faith.. to make it my career; my life!

So today I jump, and I encourage you to do the same.

“In order to fly, your feet must first leave the ground”- Samantha

I’m done standing at the edge admiring those in flight, pointing and exclaiming “one day that will be me”.

Today is my day.

The more I write, the more at peace I feel. Even though I have no idea about the when, I have the HOW.

I was waiting on a dollar amount, a perfect time, something in life that would be the ‘signal’ to take my part time passion and make it into a full time dream.

There is no such signal. But there is a voice and its buried under all of that fear and doubt.


Make the time NOW for your goals, for your dreams, for your LIFE.

I’m not 100% sure how this journey will be, but I wont know unless I get moving. So I am, today, starting with this post. I’m assigning myself to my goals and holding myself accountable for pursuing my dreams.

After all, you can’t live out your dream life if you only work at it part time.

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