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Why is Happiness Important? 14 Ways to Care for Your Mental Health.

We’ve all heard that health is wealth and often associate that saying to physical health. However mental and emotional health are important as well.

Stress is considered as one of the top silent killers, yet it’s something we’ve been conditioned to consider as ‘normal’ and apart of the grind.

There’s nothing normal about having a stressed induced heart attack and dying at the age of 40 due to work… yeah you read that right WORK!

I wish this example were a hypothetical but it unfortunately isn’t. A friend of my mom had to bury her daughter this past year.

It makes me genuinely happy that more people are choosing to ditch this narrative. It doesn’t mean that you won’t need to work hard or that the ebb and flows of life stop, however under NO circumstance should you work or worry yourself to death!

Its best to look at happiness as a lifestyle rather than a fluttering emotion. Happiness should be a state of being that is maintained and nourished from day to day.

So, how can we combat this? Research has shown that happiness combats stress and promotes overall health. But trying to be happy when stress, depression, and anxiety hit is hard. Hard, but still possible!

This list is comprised of tips that work instantly as well as tips that should be put into practice daily. Just implementing one of these tips can improve ones happiness, outlook, and state of mind, which in turn will combat stress and elevate your life.

Remember it is possible and you are worth it!

How to be happy when its hard.

  • Take a deep breath. One slow deep breath can slow down your heart rate and calm your mind and body. If you can, do a deep breathing exercise. Take slow, deep breaths in for 4 counts, hold for 4, exhale for 4. Do this for 2 minuets, or however long you need to.

  • Think about things you are grateful for. Gratitude truly elevates the mood. If your not new to Soulful Success you’ve likely come across this gem before. Think about 3 things that you are grateful for. It may seem hard to find 3 but you can! Use things we often over look things like being able to breathe freely or read!

  • Get outside. Getting sun light and fresh air can do wonders! Take a couple of deep breaths and get some vitamin D. Take a walk if you can.

  • Pray. Let it go and give it to God! Even when its hard just talk to God. It doesn’t have to be fancy or anything, just speak like you’re having a conversation and let it out.

  • Meditate. Just sit in silence. The biggest thing with meditation is the pause. Quieting the world around you regularly will help you to quite the noise inside of you. Over time you’ll start to feel a greater sense of peace and patience to combat the day.

  • Affirmations. Saying affirmations daily or when you’re in a rut help you tap into a more positive and powerful state. Now saying something like “I am happy” when you feel down will naturally feel weird but you can tailor the affirmation so that it elevates you and is true. So something like “I am working daily towards a more positive mindset” can resonate better.

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods have a positive impact on our brain which influences things like our mood. Increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables and decrease the amount of meat and processed foods and you will almost immediately notice the difference.

  • Take in positive/ motivational content. This can be in the form of a motivational speech or a feel-good song. What ever puts you in a good mood or gets you pumped! Take in content like this daily! it helps strengthen your mental fortitude.

  • Exercise/ Get moving. In addition to increasing overall health and energy levels, studies show that exercise is good at combating depression and anxiety. It is also a great stress reliever.

  • Ask for help. Reach out to family and/or friends. Getting around people that love and care about you can boost serotonin levels, helping you to feel ‘warm’ and ‘safe’. If you dot want to reach out to anyone, there are various numbers you can call to talk to someone.
    • National Suicide Prevention Help Line 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or Live Chat
    • NAMI Help Line 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or Chat
    • Extended list of resources here.

  • Therapy. Having regular therapy sessions not only helps people who have suffered from trauma or suffer from mental health disorders, it is also a preventative measure. I’ve been in therapy for years and it has been very beneficial. If you tried therapy and it didn’t resonate with you, I encourage you to find another therapist or even practice. There are a lot of options to choose from and you can look online for insurance options and pricing.

  • Write yourself a love letter and read it when your down. Write a letter to yourself when your in a good mood. Write down what makes you, you. What your proud of, positive traits, etc. Make sure to write ‘I love me’ in the letter. Reading this while your down will remind you of how great you are and the positives of your life.

  • Scream into a pillow. Even let yourself cry if you need too. Screaming helps to release tension and calm you down. Let it go!

  • Take a nap. Sometimes you just don’t have anything in your tank. Not even for pick me ups. Take a nap, recharge, and try one of the things on this list.

Carve out time everyday for your health and well being. YOU HAVE THE TIME. You may have to wake up earlier, cut down on tv, scrolling on social media, etc. You and everyone around you will be better for it.

Just doing one of these things daily can make a huge difference in your overall state of mind.

You can be happier and deserve to be happier, RIGHT NOW.

Feel free to leave your biggest take away or any tip that has helped you become and/or maintain happiness.

Peace and positive vibes!


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