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Don’t Feel Bad for Doing Better!

I’ve always wanted better, wanted more…and still do. Yet, I am grateful and humble.

I’ve come so far and still have so far to go.

But I appreciate where I am!

So why does it feel weird not struggling? I sometimes feel like I “should” be. Like somethings off since I’m not struggling in certain areas anymore. Like I’m gonna have to pay something back or something wild and detrimental is gonna come up.

Its not normal… Or is it?

It’s because I was comfortable in the struggle. I didn’t like it and it hurt, but it was familiar. And, to be honest, wholeness, stability, and peace aren’t.

Fortunately, I am aware of this and I can stop myself from sabotage (this time). Self sabotage can happen to the best of us.

We want better, we work towards it, and change things. Then BOOM, we sabotage ourselves because we are used to ruts and mess. Our brains are ingrained that way. Ingrained to the familiar.

Even though it’s better it’s foreign, and that gives us a sense of discomfort.

Its a primal defense mechanism that used to keep us safe but, now keeps us trapped in toxicity and other bad habits and lifestyles.


  • You’re TRYING to find things wrong with yourself or situation (if there’s no obvious red flags of course).
  • You’re waiting on the other shoe to drop (the next storm).
  • You find yourself limiting or not pursuing things that better yourself.
  • You keep making excuses about why you don’t deserve better.


Affirming to yourself over and over again that you deserve better! And that you’re worth it!

Reminding yourself why you created “better” for yourself in the first place!

Keep doing the work! Don’t let up!

Give yourself grace. Any form of change is a challenge. Even if its for the better. It will get better with consistent effort.

Peace and positive vibes!


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