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3 Ways to Get More Success From Your Goals

Goal setting. Seems simple enough right? For certain things, setting a goal can be a pretty straightforward task. Make the goal, formulate the plan, act, accomplish.

However the more ambitious our goals become, the more detailed that goal needs to be. Even if the goal is small or simple, you need to be specific if you want to be successful at attaining it.

Why is detailing a goal important?

Detailing your goal determines the difference between reaching it and falling short. The more detailed your goal is, the easier creating a plan of action will be. It gives you a clear picture of what you actually want to accomplish. It also keeps you motivated during the process because you are able to track your progression.

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For example, say there are 2 people that want to lose weight. Person A says they would like to lose 10lbs in 30 days. Person B says they would like to lose weight this year. Who do you think will have a more successful weight loss? Person A of course. Not only was their goal specific (10lbs) but they also set a deadline (30 days).

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Person B is likely to lose less weight because their goal isn’t as specific. They are the type that will likely lose a few pounds and stop. Likely due to lack of motivation and foresight. Person B’s plan to lose weight likely isn’t as detailed as person A’s, which hinders their progression.

What I’ve Learned

This year I made some goals for myself. One being to monetize my blog. The other being to obtain more paid writing gigs. And I did just that. My blog made a little bit from ads and I found a few more paid writing gigs. But I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome.

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When I looked back at what I had written down for those goals, I realized that I left out the most important components. The specific amount of money I wanted to make and the deadline by which I wanted to make it.

Had I implemented these components into my goal when creating it, my plan would have been more detailed and I would have likely accomplished more!

If you’re struggling with accomplishing your goals, the problem may not even be in your work ethic or plan, but in the goal itself. Ask yourself, do I have a clear numeric value and deadline? If not, revamp your goal by adding these. Then reassess your plan of action. You will create more success.

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