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3 Ways to INSTANTLY Reduce Anxiety.

Anxiety is an ugly creature. It comes out when were stressed, overwhelmed, or worst of all, when we least expect it. I myself have been diagnosed and professionally treated for anxiety, so I understand first hand how bad it can shake up someones world.

The good news is that YOU have anxiety. Anxiety DOESN’T have you!

You are in control of your mind. No matter how out of control that may seem. You may need the support of a counselor or other positive influence to guide you, but changing your mindset and limiting anxiety is possible!

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With some focused efforts and an open mind you can greatly reduce the symptoms of anxiety. I have done so myself. I went from needing a high dosage anti-anxiety med daily, to a lower dose here and there, to not really needing the medication at all (with the exception of extreme circumstances). I feel like for once in my life, I have a hold on my depression and anxiety. It isn’t completely gone, but I feel more alive and happy about life on a regular basis!

The key to reducing anxiety is changing your mindset!

3 Ways to INSTANTLY Reduce Anxiety

1 Notice Your Triggers and Learn to Eliminate Them!

Honestly, I can not stress this point enough. You need to remove yourself from environments and individuals that cause you any form of anxiety. Severing ties can be difficult, but you have to put your health and well being first and foremost! There are some cases where you can’t completely cut ties with a person (i.e. co parenting) or place (work), but you can make efforts to enforce boundaries. If there is a job that gives you anxiety, but you aren’t financially set to just up and leave, start the process of finding another job. Even if that means revamping your resume or learning a new skill.

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2 Practice Healthy Habits DAILY!

Practicing healthy habits daily are not only good for the body but they do wonders for the mind. You are teaching your brain to get in routine with positive activities that will make you feel good and in return feel good about yourself! Furthermore, a lot of healthy habits, such as yoga, meditation, and eating clean combat the symptoms of anxiety on their own. Many people who have anxiety have been taught breathing exercises for when they start to feel the onset of a panic attack or when they are really stressed. Imagine if you practiced those deep breathing exercises everyday, multiple times a day. How good could you potentially feel?

3 Have Faith/ Practice Religion (Spirituality)

Having and maintaining a strong faith and belief system has made a tremendous impact on my life. Now I’m not here to tell anyone what to believe in or how to practice. And this isn’t intended to strike up a religious debate. However it is a FACT that people who practice spirituality tend to have calmer minds and a more renowned sense of peace. Why is that you may be asking? It is because believing in something solidifies faith by providing a sense of comfort and security. It fills you up with something greater than yourself. They are people who usually practice positive habits such as praying, meditation, going to church (or other place of worship), and mindfulness. Whether or not you believe in religion, we all have a spirit that needs to be fed love and positivity. Practicing religion (spirituality) does just that!

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If you decide to implement just one of these tips I can almost guarantee that you will notice a small change. Of course the more you do to help develop a positive mindset, the less frequent your anxiety will bother you.

A huge change will require dedication and consistency when it comes to practicing positive and mindful habits. But, believe me when I tell you it is worth it! Just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the complexity of it didn’t deter them from laying the foundation and getting started. Such is the same for your mind to make a drastic change. You’ll notice that it gets a little easier each day and, eventually you’ll notice that you’ve gone weeks without a panic attack!

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