I Took a “Break” From Social Media and THIS Happened!

It wasn’t planned, or even by choice. However, my separation from social media came out of pure necessity…

I began new work as a source writer this week on top of a swing shift work schedule, single mom life, meetings and appointments for my son (who’s been sick most of the week), blogging, content creating, and MAJOR life hassles!

Despite some new automation tools I’ve started using, I still haven’t really had the time for social media; interaction or post creation.

Truthfully, I’ve also been feeling quite unmotivated. The nasty concoction of depression and anxiety have been kicking my ass. I’m better at combating it these days, but it still gets me sometimes.

Depression, coupled with the lack of motivation, has made it even more difficult to get on social media. Seeing all of the ‘productive’ and ‘happy’ people started making me feel down.

There are also triggers on social media. Controversial topics, negative news, slander, among many other things, can leave you feeling worse than you did before!

Being on social media less frequently, in hindsight, was a great decision. With all that I’ve had going on this week, I needed the mental break from content creation. I needed to stop and check in on myself, rather than my news feed.

I slowed down towards the end of the week and did a self assessment. Turns out, I am lacking in a lot of areas (go figure!). Sometimes social media can be a tool used for distraction, from our problems, from ourselves, without it even being intentional.

I encourage everyone to take a break from social media from time to time. Unplug from the web and plug into yourself, your family; what’s really important.

Fill your cup up by implementing more self care habits. Read more books, listen to more podcasts, eat a balanced meal. Adding more healthy habits, in place of SM browsing will fill you up with more positive and wholesome habits.

Note the areas that you are lacking in. Take time from SM until they are dealt with. Improve your mental health. Live a life that makes you happy; don’t get caught up in ‘posting’ like you are or envying those who appear to be.

Until next time,

Peace and Positive Vibes!

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