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When in doubt.. administer self love.

Often times doubt can creep into our lives like rain through a leaky roof. What may start out as a few drips, can turn into a major leak and severe damage if left unchecked. Doubt can start out small, but over time, can turn into a huge, consuming fear that overcomes us completely, stopping us in our steps.. sometimes before our feet even start moving.

But the good news is, it’s all in your head. The bad news is.. it’s all in your head.. which can literally drive you crazy.

Not to worry, there are many ways to combat self doubt but I wont be covering them all.. not even a few.. just one. Self love.

Now what do self love and doubt have in common? How do they correlate? By loving yourself enough that your confidence is great enough to withstand uncertainty .

Confidence and self love go hand in hand. When you are confident about something you leave little room for doubt. For example, a student who is really good on math will be more confident for tests involving the subject as opposed to someone who is not. Being confident in an area facilitates room for experience and growth. Someone who is great at their job may go for a promotion because of their confidence in their abilities.

But what about areas where we lack confidence? Say public speaking for example, confidence boosting (loving our ego) can help boost our self esteem. Usually when we lack confidence in doing something it’s because we doubt can do it, that we will not succeed or be good at it. This way of thinking is non conducive and knocks us out of the race before we even start running. Instead, when those messages and thoughts start to enter your head, exchange them with more positive ones. Instead of “I will never be good enough for that promotion” start thinking of all of things you do well at your job, and positively critique your areas that could use your work. Instead of “I can never make it to work on time, why do I even bother?”, try “I have been running late a lot lately what are somethings I can do differently to improve?”. Our attitude and perception toward situations is key.

When it comes to loving ones self, keeping your environment positive and healthy is important. It’s hard to focus on loving yourself and even harder to do so when you have toxic people, energy, and situations around you. Relationships where we are treated poorly, bad influences, work or hobbies that do not fulfill our potential or cause enormous amounts of stress; anything that takes the joy out of life and away from you, damages your ability to have a strong sense of self love.

If it’s not good for you cut it loose. Often times we let situations take over our life and define it because we get comfortable. Change is the only constant in life. In order for you to grow and gain more self love -to take the future you envision and turn into a living present- is to let go of all of the things holding you back. Denounce all that serves no purpose, causes stress and unhappiness, and that has a harmful or negative impact on our lives. Let it go, so that you may build back your love for ones self; your belief in yourself. Often times we think we can handle the bad in our lives but energy is powerful and flows everywhere, the type of energy that you let flow around you influences you– remember that!

Practicing self love requires work but it is vital in order for us to live our best versions of life. Self reflection is essential in practicing self love and can require a lot of courage sometimes, but none the less it is very possible.

Doing better = feeling better.

There are habits we can practice everyday to promote self love and diminish feelings of doubt. ​​

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Working out
  • Positive thinking
  • Better eating habits
  • Changing our surroundings
  • Removing toxic things, people, and habits
  • Conducive, positive criticism
  • Reading

And many more! The one of the most important things to remember is that you can’t fail until you stop trying. Do not let the fear of striking you out keep you from playing the game! Whether something new, something advantageous, or something you desperately want to accomplish but have doubt due to past experiences, you CAN overcome the feeling of uncertainty and move forward toward accomplishing things you never thought imaginable! But it starts with you, you have to believe it first.

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