The ‘Invisible’ Fight

We all have this battle in some shape or form.

The ugly opponent in the ring that doesn’t seem to get knocked out.

I’m talking about depression. Even if you don’t have the diagnosis, you have felt this feeling at some point in life.

A lot of people carry it so well you wouldn’t even suspect that they had to fight just to get out of bed in the morning.

Others portray it in a “hot mess” fashion. Not being able to even care for themselves on the basic level.

And there are some, who just cant bare the fight any longer and give in..

So what do we do about this grueling monster that seems to be invisible to others around us, in a world where many experience the beat down?


I wont let depression win. It has taken so much from me already. I’ve lost people, money, time, energy, schooling, and jobs just to name a few.

Some days are better than others, but on those ‘other’ days I try my hardest to pull my self along.. But I always try to remember that making it through the day is a blessing in itself!

I refuse to let this monster win another round!

So, how can we put up a good fight?

Seeking counseling has definitely been beneficial for me, but there are different opinions. There is a certain stigma around it. However, I think counseling services should be used by more people and that it shouldn’t always indicate mental illness. It’s a safe place to open up and talk about how your feeling with someone who can help you through the emotions. You can also learn different techniques for coping.

Medication can also be used if it’s needed. I am not a huge fan of anti depressants, ironically, they have helped improve my depression (along with consistent counseling).

Music is a great way to soothe the soul. Listen to something empowering and uplifting. Or just your favorite feel-good music.

Being around supportive and caring people can also help to alleviate symptoms of depression. This one is extremely difficult. I know when I have my “deep depression” spells, I cant even get out of bed let alone reach out to others for help and support. However, having caring people in my corner that understand has been an amazing blessing.

Lastly, spirituality. No matter your religion or belief, practicing spirituality will help you feel better over all- mind, body, and soul. I’m not telling anyone what to believe in or how to practice, but some examples of practicing spirituality are prayer, worship, reading spiritual texts based on your beliefs, meditation, yoga, and journaling.

You are worth the fight so don’t give in. Get up, fight back! We can beat the ugly monster called depression. And why it may not go away completely, we can reduce the pain. We just have to become active in the fight.

The invisible fight - depression

Peace and positive vibes!

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