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Not Another Self Care Post

We hear all the time that we need to grind until we’re dead if we want to be successful. That, to get ahead in the game, you need to sacrifice sleep and run yourself ragged.

It is true that you will need focus, commitment, and hard work in order to reach your goals, but you don’t need to neglect yourself in the process.

In fact, doing so could actually hinder your progression.

Take care of yourself.

We need our mind, body, and soul. They are what make us the captains of our ships; the commanders of our lives. If we want to be more productive at work, do better in business, set goals and achieve them, we need to take care of the person in charge of getting it done!

Imagine boarding an airplane and the pilot comes on the intercom system and says “this is your captain speaking. I have had about 3 hours of sleep a night for the past 6 nights, working hard, training and flying to be a successful aviator. I hope you all enjoy the flight.” How safe would you feel? Do you believe that the pilot can fly an airplane safely and properly while severely sleep deprived? Absolutely not. And you shouldn’t expect better results in your life if you are doing the same thing.

Don’t get me wrong. In order to reach any goal or level of success, your going to have to push yourself and get out side your comfort zone. Caring for and boosting up yourself helps to facilitate this.

There are so many self care routines, tips, and tricks that I could recommend but I’d honestly would rather you focus on what self care means to you. How do you define it? What do you envision when you see self care? How well do you practice self care? What would you like to be doing?

Self care can be taking 5 minuets to do a breathing exercise. Choosing a nice hot bath instead of a quick shower. Eating something healthy. Giving your self time off. Almost anything can be self care if it supports you.

When I think of self care I think of relaxation and organization. I like to calm my mind, spirit, and body and de-clutter and clean my home. This helps with my depression, stress, and anxiety. Making sure I take care of my mind body and soul help me to stay grounded and calm. Writing in my journal, prayer, meditation, and sage burning are some things I do to help ease my mind, which makes tackling difficulties less stressful.

Having a clean space and a plan for the month/week/day ahead helps me to get things done quicker and more efficiently. As well as stay on top of things- which keeps my to do list revolving and not growing.

Having hot tea and reading a good book or writing is not only practicing self care, but it is also time spent working on my mind and content. This practice of self care is actually one of my favorites because not only am I drinking a relaxing cup of tea that brings me joy, but I am also learning or getting work done which makes me feel accomplished and motivated!

Again, self care is what you make it. Why not incorporate some productivity tasks? You can have hot tea (or drink of choice) and go through your budget, edit that video, listen to that seminar. That will switch things up and change your perception!

Pamper yourself. Make some time to take a relaxing bath with an essential oil. Maybe do your nails while watching a movie or YouTube. Take yourself shopping for more professional attire. Take yourself out on a date, even if its just for a walk! Bottom line, do something nice for yourself from yourself!

Taking care of your body is SUPER important when it comes to self care. After all, we only get one in this life. As people who desire success, we need ours to work at top capacity, so it needs to be in good condition. Eating the right foods, excising, limiting (or abstaining) tobacco and alcohol are just some of the ways you can take care of your body. Working out, I’ve noticed that I have a lot more natural energy and stamina, which has helped to increase my focus. I can get more done before I feel that “fried brain” feeling that many of us experience.

The most important things to remember about self care are:

– Practicing it is essential to becoming successful.

– Everyone is different, practice when/ how it works for you.

-You are the captain of your life, if you aren’t taken care of nothing else will be!

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take a 5 minuet breather.

What are some ways you practice self care? Do you notice a difference in your business/ job/ family when you don’t practice self care?Let me know in the comments section!

Peace and Positive vibes.

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