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7+ Morning Tips For a More Productive Day.

Having a good morning routine is essential to anyone’s day. How we start out morning influences the hours ahead. Although it can seem like a difficult thing to do, getting up early in the morning and practicing a good routine, develops a better work ethic, more energy, and improves your overall quality of the day. Everyone’s morning routine may vary. What works for one person may not have the same effect on the rest. Here are some things that I do in the morning that definitely have had a positive impact on my day.

Check out Jim Kwik’s 10 morning habits geniuses use to jump start the brain, the inspiration behind this post.

I try to get up every morning 1-2 hours before I need to get ready for work (I work at home so not much there), head to that appointment, etc. Maybe you have a commute to work or need to take the kids to school. And yes, I said every morning. Sometimes I can pull it off, while at times late nights keep me from doing it as much as I’d like. Which is why tip number one actually starts at night- try to go to bed at a decent hour. Getting enough sleep at night is essential to having enough energy for the next day. The average adult needs about 8 hours of sleep but sometimes we tend to push it. I try to carve out a decent 6-7 hours on average (with waking up a couple hours early). Meditation is another great way to start the morning. I usually meditate as soon as I wake up before I get out of bed. I do a simple 10-20 minute guided meditation. You can find meditations on YouTube, download apps, or record yourself saying affirmations then play them back in a low tone. I try to meditate and deep breathe throughout the day. Meditation helps to promote calmness, brain activity, alertness, and more.

The morning is a good time for high fluid intake. According to, drinking 16 oz of water in the morning accelerates your metabolism, increases overall hydration, gives your brain fuel and has other benefits as well. Drink plenty of water, smoothies, or teas, to hydrate your body and mind. Smoothies can be a great source of nutrients and energy. Check out another post of mine called Berries and Banana Smoothie with Chia seeds. Chia seeds are a great source of energy.

Be sure to exercise your body and mind. Reading in the morning awakens the brain and helps to stimulate focus, and provides knowledge. It is also good to do a little bit of exercise as well. A light morning work out will help boost your metabolism, increase energy, as well as your stamina, all of which serve to increase focus and productivity.

Write down personal and business goals that you want to accomplish for the day. I’ve mentioned in a previous post the importance of writing out your agenda the night before (check it out here), but you will want to overlook and circle important tasks to do for the day. A good agenda shouldn’t just contain appointments, projects, and meetings, but should also contain tasks that help you accomplish your goals. Especially as an entrepreneur, it is essential to work on your business every day, so your agenda should include tasks to help you reach your established goals.

Say affirmations in the morning. Tell yourself positive messages every morning to boost self esteem and confidence. Our words are powerful and can be used to manifest the very things we want in life. They can be used to set a positive tone for the day. Even if everything dosen’t go your way, affirming what you desire and believe in can help you feel more rooted when certian situations in life try to make you sway.

Say a prayer, be grateful for life. Having a spiritual connection is very important. Life may not always go as planned but we still should be thankful for the gift of life. I understand that as human beings, we don’t always have the best perception of our lives. Especially when things go array. But when you take time to pay attention and give thanks for even just the simplest of things or things we may not think about every day, it tends to make our overall perception better. Maybe things aren’t going your way at work, and its making the work place seem like a drag. Instead, of dwelling on the negative thoughts, remind yourself of the positive. You have a job, your able to get to work, etc.

Switching out the negative thoughts with positive ones will change not only your perception but the type of energy your put forth and receive.

Some other general wellness morning tips include; not checking your phone first thing in the morning, deep breathing exercises, having a healthy and balanced breakfast, and more. I understand that everyone’s free time in the morning differs, but it is beneficial that you take time to prep your mind and body for the day ahead especially if its hectic. Try implementing some of these tips into your morning routine for a more energized and productive day. Peace and positive vibes!

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