Food and Drinks

Energizing Berry and Banana Smoothie

This is a great smoothie that packs in a lot of energy and nutrients. It also makes a great summer drink! Make the smoothie then freeze it in Popsicle molds to make smoothie pops. Chia seeds are a great natural source of energy and have no flavor so they are a great addition for smoothies.


1 Banana

1/4 cup of Strawberries

1/4 cup of black berries

1/4 cup of blue berries

1-2 cups of juice of choice (less means thicker smoothie)

1 tbs of chia seeds (optional)

To start you need to cut up the berries and banana into chunks and freeze them for a few hours or overnight. When you are ready to prepare your smoothie, pour chia seeds into blender first and blend for 30 seconds.

Add your renaming ingredients to the blender and blend until consistent.Pour and enjoy! Top with mint leaves for an even more refreshing taste! Tips: Add more juice if the smoothie seems to “chunky” – I don’t actually measure my smoothie lol 🙂

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