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Being Yourself

Be yourself, it’s a phrase that we all have heard a million times if not more. But, lets face it, being ones true self has always been a challenge. Now with the influence of social media; going viral, Instagram models, seeking likes and comments, etc. it seems virtually impossible (hehe).

There are always going to be outer influences telling us what to like, eat, and wear. What job or career path to choose. Or even what type of person to date. We are still in the drivers seat and don’t have to follow the directions on the GPS of society.

But how much of our journey is our own? How much of the social GPS did we follow to get us to this point? Have we ignored our own instincts and intuition and just followed along the ‘map’?

There are many people who aren’t being themselves. I myself was one for many reasons. When I was younger and in school, I wanted to be more similar to my peers to fit in. As I became older, I felt the need to be who “I thought I was supposed to be”. After that I felt the need to be a person that I thought others wanted me to be or the version of myself that didn’t displease anyone.

And where did any of that get me? To a place where I realized that I didn’t truly know myself. BUT THAT’S OKAY! For starters I am in my mid-twenties so I am in the process of becoming who I am meant to be. However, constantly living a life and making decisions that weren’t solely based on my beliefs left me with a lot of turmoil and regret.

Its kind of funny, I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t being myself until a few years ago. I was at a job interview and the person asked me “what makes you happy”. Simple enough right? Well, it stumped me. It was the hardest question to give a response too because I didn’t even know who I was. But that was the turning point.

Knowing yourself is a fundamental part of being ones self. If you know who you are, what you desire from life, and who you want to make an impact, you’ll naturally feel more confident, will stand up taller, and show everyone who you are WITHOUT apology. I was listening to a podcast earlier with Dr. Eric Thomas. He said that when he went to meet Warren Buffet he wore jeans, Jordan’s, and a baseball hat. Why? Not because he thought less of Warren Buffet, but because casual attire is what HE feels good in and he is confident enough in himself to be who he is no matter where he is! Now that’s the level of being myself that I want to become!

So, how does one start being themselves? Stop. Listen to your mind body and spirit. Live your life unapologetically. Take action on yourself and become conscience about you! Get to know YOU! You might be surprised by the person you get to know and let grow!

The freedom of being yourself

Peace and Positive vibes!

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