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6 Ways to Promote Focus when Working at Home.

Working at home can be both relaxing and convenient, however, it is also a lot harder to focus and stay on task. Even if you go in with the best intentions and have laser focus, you can become distracted quite easily. Maybe you’re having problems focusing to begin with.

Some believe that WAH is easier than working in an office. I think that there are some pros and cons to each..

Its great being able to work in pajama pants – or none at all. I have more time in the morning without a commute. And it is truly a blessing to work a flexible schedule, especially with being a single mom.

On the other hand, its SUPER easy to get distracted. You can quickly become unmotivated to do your work, and there isn’t anyone around to make sure that it gets done. Unmotivated + distracted= limited focus..

YOU MUST BE COMPLETELY SELF SUFFICIENT when working from home. You might have a boss or supervisor but your essentially in charge of making sure you get your work done.

So how can you stay focused or re focus while WAH?

Certain scents, such as eucalyptus or peppermint help stimulate the senses which will start firing neurons like crazy! I love aromatherapy and its many benefits! You just add a few drops to a diffuser and you’re good to go. Eucalyptus helps promote circulation of blood in the brain which improves concentration.

Take small short breaks more frequently. For example, if you work an hour and give yourself 5-10 minutes to stretch, breathe, or even run to the bathroom it will help to refresh the mind when you return to your task. Taking longer breaks (exception- lunch) will only add to lethargy. You might not feel like returning to your tasks if you stay away too long.

Benjamin suggests creating a routine that helps you associate with a state of focus. When he wants to be productive, he drinks the same white tea. This helps switch his brain into “work mode”. This concept is like listening to calming music before bed to unwind from the day and switch into sleep mode. Whatever helps to promote your focus, do every time you plan on being productive.

Panda Planner

Planning ahead helps you prioritize, but it also helps you to focus on a specific group of things when that day/ time comes. Westelevenlane says that by writing 3 goals in her cute planner each night before bed she can focus on what she needs to accomplish for the day ahead. Having your work planned ahead of time (if applicable) literally gives your brain a mental note of the task(s) at hand and gives you more brain power to concentrate!

Even keeping something visually appealing and stimulating in the work space can help to refocus and promote productivity. I keep inspirational quotes and pictures of my son around my desk. That way when I get distracted or want to step away before break time, I am quickly reminded as to why I am doing the work.

This last tip has helped TREMENDOUSLY! Block the clock! If you think time moves slowly while your at an actual brick and mortar location, then prepare to experience the feeling of molasses falling off of a sap tree in the winter. It’s almost like time is standing still; 10 minutes feels like 30! When I don’t watch the clock or constantly check the time I am actually more focused. I fly through my tasks and before I know it I’ve worked a few hours. Constantly counting down the hours and minutes until you get off or are done will just make the day go by slower and muck up focus.

6 thoughts on “6 Ways to Promote Focus when Working at Home.”

  1. This post is so relatable. I also work from home and I agree it’s easy to get distracted when you are your boss. I love the idea of keeping something that appeals visually and keeps us motivated. I do have a dashboard where I pin up a to-do list for the day, I find that really helpful. Thanks for sharing this post.

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  2. Great Tips! The one thing that I found to help with my productivity when I work from home, is to make sure my work area is clean except for one piece of paper in-front of me to use as my todo list. I start my day writing down everything I need to do and add to the list as the day goes on. That way it is front of my eyes instead of using an app that I can easily ignore.

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  3. This is such a great post with some awesome tips! I know a lot of people joke about people who WAH working in their PJ’s, but I’ve actually found that to be really unhelpful. I actually get dressed before I start working at home. I feel like it helps promote productivity and makes me feel a little more professional, even if I am just working on the couch, haha. But I love the idea of aromatherapy to help with concentration! I never would have considered that!

    Emily |

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    1. That is such a great idea! I’m going to start getting ready before I start my work from home. It kinda turns a light bulb on in your brain 🧠, letting it know that it’s go time!


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